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My name is Elizabeth Hauser and I am the founder and owner of Chirpy Graphics & Photography. I have always been creative and I wanted my career to incorporate this natural talent. My love for graphics design all began in college where I first learned the basics of design and the art of visual media. Not long after, I soon complimented this passion with a newfound joy for photography. With this new combination of passions, I longed to create my own company that would utilize both these platforms. But I wanted more than just a company, I wanted to provide customers with high quality designs and photos. 

At Chirpy Graphics & Photography I connect with my clients on their level. I meet them where they are. I have a relaxed environment where we can talk through the project they are looking for and lay out the basic idea. Then I collaborate with my clients to dig deeper into what look, feel, color scheme and story they want their brand or project to tell. Lastly, I create them a beautiful design that tells their story and who they are. I give them something they can feel proud of, excited about and help them accomplish their goals. Whether it’s a design for a new business, an existing business, or an individual (i.e. a bride wanting a special design for their wedding invite or a unique design for a baby shower), I am excited to be able to offer my talents to help others. The best part is the smile on their face when they get their final design or photos. The joy I am able to bring to others is really why I created Chirpy Graphics & Photography.

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about my work

I specialize in graphic design. I am known for high-quality graphics and designs with a quick turnaround time. I am also known for great communication and being able to decipher what my clients want or need when they are struggling to explain it to me. I work with them in a non-pressuring environment to narrow down what it is they are looking to do. I treat each client as the unique and special person that they are, with kindness, respect and support. No cookie-cutter process here!

I am very proud of my designs, my eye for detail and my growth as a designer, photographer and businesswoman over the last three years. I have come so far since college in both confidence and skill. My ability to connect with others and help them to feel comfortable is something I strive to do with each client.

what sets me apart

What sets me apart from other designers is my ability to listen and create the designs my client wants, not what I want. I believe this is about them, not me. I have heard many times from my clients that a designer they used did not listen. They had to go back and forth many times to get something close to what they wanted. Also, other places will charge an extra fee anytime the client needs the design, almost like a rental fee. I do not agree with this method. My motto is, if the client pays for it, the design is theirs. I package all the necessary files my client will need for print, web and screen-print (t-shirts) with the CMYK and RGB colors for future branding and marketing materials. This is important to keep the branding consistent. I believe in helping my clients at a reasonable cost.

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I believe each client is unique

no cookie-cutter process here!

want to start on a new project?

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