Hi there! My name is Elizabeth Hauser and I am the founder and owner of Chirpy Graphics & Photography. My love for graphics design all began in college where I first learned the basics of design and the art of visual media. Not long after, I soon complimented this passion with a newfound joy for photography. With this new combination of passions, I longed to create my own company that would utilize both these platforms. But I wanted more than just a company, I wanted to provide customers with designs that made them happy and photos that made them smile. 


I've also found my personal journey, and my journey with Chirpy, to be reflective of this mantra: "It's about progress, not perfection." On any journey, it's crucial to allow ourselves the space to simply be our best selves wherever we are today, and not strive for perfection. This is hard to practice in a field where constant access to visual media causes us to believe that any visual art should be flawless. But that isn't what art is about and that isn't what it means to each be our unique and human selves.

At Chirpy, I strive to represent you. For after all, you are a masterpiece just the way you are. 

So, why the name "Chirpy"?

Good question! The name "Chirpy" embodies the exact feeling I hope my clients will feel after working with me: happy, hopeful and inspired. 

The three core values at Chirpy are:
1.) Providing a quality experience and product
2.) Appreciating each client as their own unique person
3.) Honest collaboration and service-minded interactions


With over 9 years of experience in photography and graphics design, I'm confident I can bring your vision to life!

I hope you'll consider partnering with Chirpy and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


The story behind the designer & photographer

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