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Chirpy Newsletter Rules

So you're looking to write for the Chirpy Newsletter? Great! I'm looking forward to collaborating with you. There are some rules you will need to follow. Please make sure you read the rules below before submitting. 


This newsletter is a platform for others to express their thoughts and experiences on life and what they find amusing, meaningful, inspiring, thought provoking and motivational for others to enjoy. You can share anything from a funny experience/story to something you have found inspirational, to a struggle you have overcome. We ALL have something encouraging and meaningful to say!

PLEASE keep your article to 500 words max. I will need a picture of you and a brief description (couple sentences) for a short bio at the end of the newsletter. There will be a small feature area at the bottom of the newsletter for projects Chirpy is working on or will work on with others. If you have any events or projects coming up you would like to collaborate with Chirpy on, let me know in the message box above. 

RULE 1: No political talk. This is not a platform for political views, religious views, or controversial issues. This newsletter is not a platform for you to push your thoughts about these life aspects on to others or cause a debate. 

RULE 2: No promoting personal businesses. If you have a business, great! However, please refrain from making your article about your business and using the newsletter for advertising purposes. This newsletter is not a platform for you to sell your services to others. I would love to collaborate with you and figure out how I can help to promote your business on the newsletter another way! Leave me a message when you submit above.

RULE 3: No crude language. This is a family friendly newsletter and we need to keep the language PG. Please refrain from using crude language. No f-bombs! 

RULE 4: No article bashing. This is a cooperative and collaborative newsletter. If you feel you do not agree with another writer, please do not submit an article that is rude or unkind about them. Articles will be read and moderated before hand. Unfriendly articles will be declined if submitted.

RULE 5: HAVE FUN! This newsletter is my way of collaborating with you and highlighting your unique self and ideas. Let's work together to inspire, motivate and uplift one another.

PLEASE NOTE: Your submitted article will be read before hand and tweaked if necessary. If it does not meet the standards and values of Chirpy, your article will be returned or declined.